We are a collective of like-minded churches partnering together as one, to reach the Triad with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Unsure of the next steps in reaching your city with the good news of Jesus?

Struggling to engage all of the people in your geography?

You’re not alone, we can help one another.

Find a community of like-minded leaders with a common vision.

Pool resources to reach the Triad with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Engage in the mission of God: one church displaying Christ together.

Churches who have already joined the Collective:

Jesus has given us the responsibility to reach every man woman and child in the Triad:


1.7 million people call the Triad home.


We experience 5% population growth/year.


70% of the total population are unchurched.

It will take every church in the Triad to reach the Triad. With a common strategy, we can reduce lostness in our region and display Christ Together.

Join the Collective. Reach the Triad together:

1) Schedule an envisioning call

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2) Gain clarity on the mission

Together, we’ll discuss the gospel need in the triad, and how your church is a vital part of meeting that need.

3) Partner in a common vision

As ONE church we can reach every man woman and child in the Triad with the good news of Jesus Christ.


How Christ Together Collectives are reaching every man, woman and child with the good news of Jesus in other regions:

Christ Together has the most compelling messaging and method for bringing the Church together, to act as one for the shared mission of reaching every man, woman and child.

Todd Milby, Executive Director, Catapult.

Christ Together helped us mine out hard data on the missional behaviors of our people. As a result we adopted a more focused approach in our discipleship efforts and our people more engaged in reaching our city.

Jeff Shipman, Mission Columbia & Lead Pastor, Columbia Crossroads.

By pooling people, leaders and resources, and sharing a common vision bigger than our individual churches, we have seen 17 churches planted in our region in the last four years and are on target to reach our goal of 51 churches by year end 2021.

Jerry Gillis, Church of Western New York & Lead Pastor, The Chapel.

As a Collective, we share Four Priorities for Gospel Saturation:



Identify and take responsibility for the lostness in our individual circles.



Execute a plan for making and multiplying disciples, and measure how well we are doing.



Participate in citywide initiatives to engage and bless our city.



Plant new churches together to reach every man woman and child in the Triad.

Uniting the Church to reach every man, woman and child.

We are Christ together.